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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Guided Math

This year I plan to implement Guided Math.  I have been reading some blogs and articles about it for some time.  I tried a mini-implementation last year, but I'm ready to jump right in now!  First, I had to figure out what it would look like and how my students would know where they needed to be.  I had five math groups last year, so I am assuming I will have four or five this year.  Each group will be named after a shape (colors matching those on pattern blocks).  Each group will go through four stations: small group instruction, games, independent work, and journal/detective time.  I grabbed some index cards, makers, and an old pocket chart.  Here's what I came up with!  

The small group instruction is when small groups will meet with me or my instructional assistant.  My hope is that groups will be no larger than 6. Small group time will be an opportunity for me to differentiate the lesson for that group.  
The game station is just that, a game; something hands-on that focuses on the concept or computation.  Ideally, I want the games to be partner games so we are also practicing our social skill work (more on this in another post).   I did not make our scheduling chart on the Smart Board because sometimes the games station will be on the Smart Board.
Independent work is paper and pencil work that is done, well, independently.  This work is always done immediately after the small group time so the lesson is fresh, fresh, fresh in their minds!
Last is the journal/detective work.  This is a station where students complete journal work or a number detective.  I first saw the number detective at Queen of the First Grade Jungle!  She offered it as a freebie- so nice of her!

The other activity that may be at this station is a math sort.  Students may sort odd/even numbers, doubles/non doubles, addition/subtraction facts, or by strategy for solving.  I'll post some of this once the year is underway.  Keep in mind that I don't return to school until August 30!  Anyone else implementing Guided Math?  I would love to hear what people are doing- share what you're doing!

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